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           Stewardship of our Environment, Indigenous People and
our Collective History





December, 2009

Sr Ascensión sells articles at St. Anthony Church in San Gabriel, CA.  Thanks to Stewards of the Earth Board member, Alicia Chavez, the Sisters were able to earn money to fund  their training projects in Chalca, Mexico.  Alicia hopes to get them booked at Epiphany Parish in El Monte.


November 9, 2009

Photo by Juan Carlo

The Poor Clare Sisters  from  Chalco, Mexico have been a focal point in the work of Stewards of the Earth. The Sisters train women  in skills that will help them find employment. In November the Sisters  visited Sacred Heart Church in Oxnard.  While in Oxnard,  the Sisters sold articles  that will help fund their training program in  Chalco,.  To read the full article from the Ventura County Star newspaper, click on the following link - Ventura County Star


September 11. 2009


Salvador Ramirez, Chairman, Stewards of the Earth and Coordinator of the National Hispanic Environmental Council is inviting  all to a forum on September 18 - Creating Green Jobs - a Clean Energy- Clean Water Forum.  To view the invitation, click on the following link.  Invitation.   

August 21, 2009

Marcia Burnam (middle) is congratulated for receiving the 2009 American Jewish Committee  Service Award.

Picture: Right to left – Alicia Chavez, Secretary,-Treasurer, Stewards of the Earth; Marcia Burnam, Board Director; and Lupe Anguiano, Executive Director  

The Board of Directors of Stewards of the Earth met and discussed the Program Plan for 2009-2919.  Click on the following link for more detailed information - 2009-2010 Program Plan.



July 16, 2009

Sisters Guadalupe and Ascesion, Alicia Fregoso, Lupe Anguiano

Sisters from Chalco, Mexico met in Los Angeles to plan visits to different churches where the Sisters will sell religious and artistic items after Sunday services. The Sisters come to Los Angeles and surrounding areas twice a year, soliciting support to build a skills training classroom and complete a retreat center in Chalco, Mexico.. Alicia Fregoso, as a volunteer, arranges meetings with churches.  

Stewards of the Earth is working with the Sisters to implement a “Computer and Technology skills Training Program” in Chalco, Mexico, for the purpose of training -  poor and Indigenous women and families, so they will find employment in Mexico and not have to risk many dangers by coming to the United States seeking jobs. Sister Guadalupe is from San Miguel la Sardina, a Village in the State of Chiapas, Mexico – where Stewards of the Earth plans to implement a computer training laboratory in the Villages Elementary School.


June 25-30, 2009

Santa Monica Mountains - Learning to protect our State and National Parks

Stewards of the Earth Board Chairman, Salvador Ramirez, CA NHEC Director,  led the recruitment of thirty-three students from California who participated in an intensive learning experience at the Environment Institute of  California State University Channel Islands. The students'  outdoor classrooms were on Santa Cruz Island and in the Santa Monica Mountains. They learned  water testing; tree management; the importance of protecting marine and animal life and appreciation of all our natural resources, including our beautiful National Parks. 

Alyssa Contreras, Santa Clara High School student shared her pictures with us.  Besides recruiting Alyssa; Lupe recruited three other students from Oxnard – Karla Topete, Eric Nunez and Gustavo Miranda.

To view photos of the students at work, click on the following link - Additional Photos


June 19, 2009

Photo by Tomas Miranda

Stewards of the Earth, as a member of "Citizens for a Safe and Prosperous Oxnard" received The Oxnard Trophy Award.  The award was given by the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce given for  outstanding work - Advocating "Affordable Housing and Responsible Government." The campaign was a difficult battle combating negative forces that  wanted to stop building homes. 

 The remarkable happening was it was the first time the community of Oxnard came together, as a strong community coalition of Community Organizations, Labor, Churches and Businesses - joining hands to defeat Measure V,. We won with over 65% of the vote.

May 22, 2009

Stewards of the Earth communicated with the Oxnard Planning Commission, recommending that its  2030 Plan include consideration of Sea Level Rising issues in future Environmental Impact Reports. Plans can be based on scientific studies  that  are being conducted by the State of California and by Dr Sean Anderson at California State University, Channel Islands.  Sea level rising issues are already evident at the Ormond Beach site.  Stewards also suggested that the City of Oxnard review and work with all coastal businesses currently operating in the Oxnard Coastal Zone.




Stewards of the Earth is a non-profit organization headquartered in Oxnard, California