Stewards of the Earth

              Stewardship of our Environment, Indigenous People and
our Collective History



Foster and encourage archival collections that will protect the rich history and culture of indigenous people. Continue working as a support group, with UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center in Archival Collection projects. Stewards of the Earth programs and activities will be recorded for future archival inclusion into the UCLA Archives.


The original stewards of the earth were the indigenous peoples who learned to live in balance with the world that surrounded them. Tracing the path of those who have migrated for work or necessity will enable future generations to understand the forces that disrupt sustainable communities and economies.

Support and continue working with UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center in development and expansion of Archives for both Latinos and Women. The Collective History - Archives program would endeavor to capture and make available the histories, and archival materials of recent generations of migrating indigenous peoples of the Pacific rim, including North, Central and South America.

Lupe Anguiano Archives have been donated to UCLA, which  started as a new  Latina Archival initiative.  UCLA Archival Information



Stewards of the Earth is a non-profit organization headquartered in Oxnard, California