Stewards of the Earth

            Stewardship of our Environment, Indigenous People and
our Collective History




Protect West Coast communities and environment with continued emphasis on programs, projects, education and interventions on behalf of regional sustainable clean energy solutions over petrochemical or global energy consortiums.


Energy needs should be gradually satisfied by localized technologies involving solar, wind and wave power, as well as, conservation and voluntary collectivism.

Powerful international industrial organizations, cartels and infrastructure dependent upon massive pipeline redistribution technologies are dangerous and uneconomical when holistically assessed for long-term economic and human impact.


Stewards will actively and responsibly intervene with studies, recommended alternatives and collective voice to inform and advise when irresponsible solutions are being ‘sold’ to the public and civic leaders. This includes, reviewing, providing expert testimony and bringing public attention to projects and proposals that have significant impact in areas of air quality, health, safety, ocean, marine, animal and plant life.

Stewards will proactively encourage, communicate, foster and contribute to the development of solar, wind, hydropower and wave power clean energy alternatives as well as, conservation and voluntary cooperation.

Current projects include:

  • Continue working as a steering committee member with the “No LNG Community Alliance” (collection of community groups) keeping track of the “Clearwater Port LNG” proposal, including future LNG and other energy projects; continuing to help develop a community approach and winning strategy. Involvement of Latino leaders and organizations are focused primarily because Latino leaders and organizations have not in the past been involved in environmental issues.

  • Participate as an advisor and activist for the restoration of the Ormond Beach Wetlands and clean-up of the Halaco hazardous plant waste in Oxnard, CA..

  • Participating and helping organize clean energy discussions, meetings, and symposiums with businesses, consumers, public agencies and elected officials in the State of California, the Pacific Rim, the United States and Mexico.



Stewards of the Earth is a non-profit organization headquartered in Oxnard, California