Stewards of the Earth

         Stewardship of our Environment, Indigenous People and
our Collective History




Maintain continuity in cross-border cultural heritage and relations by working with indigenous people in the United States, Mexico and Latin American and by supporting projects that provide sustainable economics thru education and employment.


The original stewards of the earth were the indigenous peoples who learned to live in balance with the world that surrounded them. Today we reach out to these people to teach and to learn, to protect our collective history and our environment, together.


Working with indigenous people includes continuing and enhancing the employment training and economic projects in the Chalco, Mexico community, San Miguel la Sardina Village in the State of Chiapas and Tijuana Mexico. These projects were developed by Lupe Anguiano as a volunteer advisory committee member of St. Rose of Lima Outreach to the Poor, sponsored by Sacred Heart Church in Ventura, CA and her work as a former member of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters and Divine Mercy Lay Order in Woodland Hills, CA.

Project highlights include:

  • The specific project targeted for action is to support the Poor Clare Sisters in Chalco, Mexico to add lodging & classrooms as well as a ‘Computer Technology Training Project’ to be used in training young women from the Village of San Miguel la Sardina in Chiapas, Mexico.

  • Separately the ‘Computer Technology Training Project’ will be introduced to the local elementary school in from the village of San Miguel la Sardina in Chiapas, Mexico.

  • Work to make this a Model that can be duplicated and implemented in other parts of Mexico and Latin America for skills training that will help find employment opportunities in Mexico and other Latin American Countries so they won’t be forced to immigrate to the US where violence against immigrant women is becoming a very serious problem.

  • Continue working in the Tijuana, Baja CA Community Center, Education and Child Care in Colonia Lomas Taurinas – Directed by Antonia Martinez Meza community worker who is helping to build the Community Center that is used for community meetings, education and child care for mothers who work in US Factories.


Stewards of the Earth is a non-profit organization headquartered in Ventura, California