Stewards of the Earth

       Stewardship of our Environment, Indigenous People and
our Collective History





The tremendously successful accomplishments of “Stewards of the Earth” are  attributable to the strong, active, tireless leadership and community involvement of its Executive Director, Board of Directors, volunteer team, advisers, the local, State and national organizations and individuals with whom we network and work. We support each other, complement and avoid duplication of work primarily because there is so much work to do and so few financial resources available to combat huge corporate entities that have billions/millions to spend.

Board Directors – Volunteer Team

Coming soon! Our new board members.

Executive Director

Lupe Anguiano, Executive Director

Lupe Anguiano  is an experienced non-profit program innovator with a local, state and national track record of effecting positive change that benefits low-income families, poor people and communities. She is a champion protecting our environment, human rights, and equal rights for women. She is best known for nationally helping poor women, single parents become gainfully employed by creating and managing the National Women’s Employment and Education Model Program. She was a United Farm Workers volunteer organizer, working closely with Cesar Chavez. She helped develop small micro-businesses in Mexico as an alternative to seeking jobs in the United States. Read what the Women's History Project says about Ms Anguiano - Lupe Anguiano

 Stewards of the Earth's Environment Partners:

Stewards of the Earth partners and networks with different community non-profit organizations, concerned citizens and community groups – locally, State, National and International. Stewards of the Earth have established a track record of protecting California and Pacific Rim Coastline communities from various oil and gas company drillings and industrializing the Ocean Coast by establishing facilities – platforms, pipelines – that will have a detrimental effect on the heath (air, water quality), safety, marine life and overall environment.

Stewards of the Earth's Faith Based Partners

  • Poor Clare Sisters of Divine Mercy, Chalco, Mexico




Stewards of the Earth is a non-profit organization headquartered in Oxnard, California