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Stewardship of our Environment, Indigenous People and
our Collective History





Stewards of the Earth welcomes your participation, contributions and sponsorship. All subscribing contributors will receive the annual report and a receipt for their contribution, as well as be on the e-mailing list for Leadership presentations and events.

Foundation and Corporate Sponsors

While you may acknowledge your civic and stewardship responsibilities, your business or foundation is what you do best,  and thatís where you need to be. Become a sponsor for Stewards of the Earth and we will assure you that the long-term economically sustainable health of the region is our goal. We will challenge exploitation of the region, but not businesses which we see as a vital and respected part of our community. As a supporter of Stewards of the Earth you are telling the community that you care about the home and business life of tomorrow as well as today.

We acknowledge and thank the following organizations that have  contributed to Stewards of the Earth

  • The Women's Foundation of California

  • The California Wellness Foundation


Choosing to become a Steward of the Earth is a natural, life affirming act; however, doing something about it takes commitment, a willingness and a desire to participate in a civic forum. Volunteers may be invited to appear at rallies, hearings, or to generate support for the responsible positions advocated by Stewards of the Earth. Giving money is one option, but being a part of change is more rewarding.

We acknowledge and thank the following individuals that have contributed to Stewards of the Earth

  • Marcia Burnam, Los Angeles, CA

  • David and Mary Dell Sanchez, Las Vegas, NV

  • Joe and Christine Sanchez, Los Angeles, CA

  • Ernie and Margaret Sanchez, Los Angeles, CA

  • Luz Vega-Marquis, Seattle, WA

  • Richard and Sally Bracamonte, Oxnard, CA

  • John and Irene Ybarra, Los Angeles, CA

Civic and Educational  Leaders

Please invite our leadership to provide you and your staff with an overview of our activities and the issues that we find are relevant to the community. Many civic leaders and staff do not understand the sustainable environmental ramifications of many of the decisions they make on a regular basis. It is better to be informed before a costly environmental decision is made, than to have to undo it later.

We acknowledge and thank the following civic and educational leaders that have assisted Stewards of the Earth

  • Angela Carroll,  CCIM  - Commercial Real Estate Advisor

  • Dr. Tom Holden, Mayor of the City of Oxnard, CA

  • The Honorable Pedro Nava, California Assemblymember, 35th District Honoring Lupe

  • Dr. Chon Noriega, Director of UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center and Professor in the UCLA Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media.   - Chon A. Noriega, Ph.D

Faith Based Organizations

Major Sponsorship Levels:

Platinum: $10,000.
Gold: $5000.
Silver: $3000.
Bronze: $1000


$100 annually
$50 annually



To participate as a volunteer with Stewards of the Earth,

Email us:               languiano@verizon.net
Call us:                  (805) 983-8517


To be a Sponsor, make checks payable to Stewards of the Earth.

Send your check to:   Stewards of the Earth
                                1031 Kumquat Place
                            Oxnard, CA 93036





Stewards of the Earth is a non-profit organization headquartered in  Oxnard, California